Oval Set-up Black Book

Written by
Danny Bartholomew

2001 ROAR Carpet Oval National Champion

I decided to write this for two reasons: 1) to help racers new and old possibly get a better understanding of their racecars. 2) To get all our ideas down on paper because we forget about some of the stuff we have learned! I did this over several months and I had to go a change several things that we learned just in that short time. Racing is a never-ending learning process; I may have a totally different view about something I discuss on the following pages in only a few months. There will always be someone that may have a better way of explaining something. I in no way intend this to be the “Bible” I want guys to use it to learn and maybe make them think about things that they have never thought of before. I may not be 100% right on everything, but it is for you to enjoy. Continue reading