General Rules and Conduct:

Setup is Saturday before the race at 9:00pm.

Oval racers should be there at 7am. Road course racers should be there at 1:30pm.

7:00 Oval Practice – starts as soon as track is set up
9:00 Sign-up begins for oval
10:00 Begin Oval Racing
1:30 Road Course signup opens
2:00 Oval is done and off the track
2:00 Road Course Racers can start setting up and Practice Opens
3:00 Road Course Racing Starts

Indoor season will be three qualifiers (or two qualifiers if there are at least 45 cars) and then the mains. Outdoor will have three qualifiers and a main. There will be two minutes between races, no exceptions (only exception is indoor for track change). Weekly awards will be given to the top 3 cars in each main, if you bump you lose your award.


Additional Entries = $5.00
Novice = $5.00 Juniors = $3.00 (under 12 years)

Single = $15.00 Family = $25.00

Memberships are good for one year, from January 1st to December 31st. Membership is good for summer and winter season.

IROAR Members run for season awards. Minimum of 3 cars per class to race. Minimum of 4 cars per class for event points. Season awards to top 10 finishers completing 50% of the season.


1. No alcohol allowed at the track at any time!

2. No Swearing at Any Time!
This is a family track and kids are around!

3. No Illegal Substances (pot, cocaine, etc.) at the track at ANY time!

4. Drivers are to sign in before sign-ups close. There will be NO late sign-ups.

5. NO talking to the computer operator during a race.

6. If you have a disagreement about the laps or time counted, go to the director of the race, do not go to the computer operator. What the director decides, goes!

7. Spectators need to not talk to drivers on the drivers stand while they are racing. It’s very distracting for them.

8. No drivers on the drivers stand until it’s your turn to race.

9. No yelling at the corner Marshall’s. They didn’t wreck, you did!

10. You must corner marshal the race following your own race.

11. If for some reason you can not corner marshal your race, it is your own responsibly to find someone to marshal for you.

12. Corner Marshall’s are to pay attention to what is going on in their area, not watch the leader.

13. Corner Marshall’s, PLEASE have hands free so you can flip the cars ASAP.

14. NO gabbing while out corner marshaling

15. NO SMOKING is allowed in building.

16. NO tire truing is allowed inside building.

17. No part of the car may damage the carpet.

18. A non-offensive smelling traction compound is to be used.

19. Novice racers will be moved up to the next level when they have completed a set percentage of laps for the next class up, or at race directors discretion.

20. If you have a question ask a club officer.

(rules are subject to change)