Road Course Classes

These rules are subject to change. Please ask at the track for official rules.

This page contains a list of the road course classes we run at the indoor carpet track.  Depending on the actual turnout, not every class will run every time. If there is not enough turn out for a specific class and you show up with a vehicle for that class, we will merge classes together to make sure you get to run.

Simple Green, Sweep X2 Carpet compound, and Sticky Fingers only. All other traction compounds are banned. Of the three, Sticky Fingers tends to offer the best traction.

Race Format
2 qualifiers plus mains
Qualifiers and lower mains are 5 minutes
A mains are 8 minutes
All classes are road course races

Stock Touring Car – 17.5 Motor
4WD touring car chassis
Rubber touring car tires (we recommend Sweep EXP36 Carpet Spec)
17.5 brushless motor (any Stock/17.5 Spec from ROAR Approved Brushless Motor List)
7.4v hardcase LiPo battery
1380g minimum weight
No boost/turbo/timing advance (Tekin V212 or newer in spec/blinky mode or any other ESC with no timing boost)
Any ROAR legal sedan body (T2 Electric Touring)

USGT – 21.5 Motor
4WD touring car chassis
Treaded, Belted or non-belted rubber touring car tires (slicks are not allowed)
Rims cannot be dished. Spoked rims are required. Chrome colored rims are encouraged to make the class look cool, but any color of rim is allowed as long as it is spoked.
ROAR Approved 21.5 brushless motor (no tuning rotors, must use OEM rotor 12.3-12.5mm); refer to Stock/21.5 Spec type motors from ROAR Approved Motor List
7.4v hardcase LiPo battery
1450g minimum weight
No boost/turbo/timing advance (Tekin V212 or newer in spec/blinky mode or any other ESC with no timing boost)
Any car body that is NOT a ROAR legal sedan or VTA body (pick something that looks really cool like a Lambo, Vette, BMW, etc); no trucks, vans, buses, or tractors.
The USGT class should look different than the Stock Touring and VTA classes.
Offical National USGT Class Rules and Specifications are located at the bottom of the VTA & USGT rules page.

Vintage – 25.5 Motor
25.5 motor – Novak SS25.5 Pro brushless motor (pn:3425V) or Ballistic 25.5 (pn:3625V) or Club (pn:3331) ONLY; no other motors are legal in the VTA class.
hard-cased 2C 7.4v LiPo pack up to 5000 mAh capacity
US Vintage Trans Am Rules
US Vintage Trans Am 2010 Rules PDF
1550g minimum weight
Driver figure not required
Approved ESCs: (if ESC is not in this list, then it is not allowed in VTA class)
Club Brushless ESC (#1852)
EDGE 2S Brushless ESC (#1850, 1851)
Mongoose Micro Brushless/Brush ESC (#1718)
GTB 2 Racing w/X-Drive (#1749)
GTB 2 Racing w/X-Drive- Low Profile (#1748)
GTB 2 Sportsman Racing Brushless ESC (#1708, 1709)
GTB series part numbers: 1710, 1711
Havoc series part numbers: 1732, 1733, 1735
Slyder part number: 1712
XBR (DISCONTINUED) part number:1720
A.i. Brushless Reverse part numbers: LRP80100, LRP80150
Cirtix Stock Club Race ESC part number: 12280
Reventon Stock Club Race part number: SP000048

Open – Unleashed Extreme Racer (Prison Rules!)
Any car, truck, or buggy (as long as it is not too big for the track; keep it under 4.5 pounds)
Any chassis
Any body
Any electric motor (no gas or nitro obviously since it is an indoor track)
Any battery (any number of cells, any capacity, any battery type)
Any ESC (with as much timing advance as you want)
Any foam or rubber tire (as long as it does not damage the carpet)
No minimum weight (go as light as you want)
Want to run a 3S LiPoly with a 2.5 turn brushless motor? Go for it! This is your class.

Novice Road
For new racers
Open motor/battery/esc
The purpose of the Novice class is to give new racers a class to have a lot of fun.
We do not enforce any motor, battery, or body rules in the Novice class.
We recommend building your Novice car to match the rules of the class you want to grow into someday, but we do not require you to do so.
For example, you can run a Stock Touring Car, USGT, or VTA car in the Novice class.

The Formula 1 class follows all of the UF1 rules.

Tamiya Rules

1/12 Scale Road
Minimum weight of 1.75 lbs or 28 ozs.
Can-Am, GTP, or WSC style bodies.
13.5 turn brushless motor
ROAR legal ESC in blinky mode
1S LiPo battery

Short Course Trucks
17.5 brushless motor
ESC in blinky mode
any tires
25mm min ride height
Trucks must be clean and have no sharp or dangerous to the carpet items.

1/18 Scale Truck/Buggy
Open motor/battery/esc

1/18 Scale Car
Open motor/battery/esc

1/16 Scale
Open motor/battery/esc

Powder Puff
Open motor/battery/esc
Ladies Only

Simple Green, Sweep X2 Carpet compound, and Sticky Fingers only. All other traction compounds are banned.

If you do not see a class listed that you want to run, you can bring your friends and start a new class.  As long as you have a minimum of three cars, you can create a new class.